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MAF Investment Holding SAL

MAF Investment SAL is a multimillion dollar global company driven by a dynamic team of young professionals, specialized in their respective fields. With rapid expansion and development the company burst into the international scene in 1987 and since then has built a successful investment portfolio in the garment, banking, insurance, construction, hospitality and farming industries. This led to the formation of a holding company to encompass all of its divisions allowing it to be present in multiple business sectors and to gain insight into the world's financial trends.

Today, MAF Investment Holding SAL is a diversified enterprise with a presence in the Middle East, Europe, Eastern Europe, Canada, America, South America, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea, From its inception, the Group has played a vital role as a financial vehicle to investors and stakeholders

MAF Investment Holding seeks out investment opportunities in carefully selected real estate and construction projects throughout the world, with an aim to establish strategic alliances with real estate developers. It is constantly looking for new ways to promote sustainable growth and compelling returns. The group has been engaged in several construction projects, whether directly or by providing financial backing to developers. It is also involved in providing raw construction materials and logistics solutions to clients.

MAF Investment Holding SAL continues to build hotels internationally and to assess potential opportunities within the hospitality industry. The Holiday Inn Express Hotel is under way yet again in Changshou, China, composed of 250 rooms and a variety of dining and recreation facilities.

In July of 2006, MAF Investment Holding's sister company inaugurated its first 5 star hotel in the city of Changshou, China. The Crown Plaza Hotel, part of the Intercontinental Group, is located in the new city district of Changshou and features deluxe accommodation in addition to contemporary design. The luxury hotel is an integral part of the new Zhong Jiang Plaza complex, adjacent to the newly built Exhibition Hall and Sports Stadium.

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