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  • The BAUER Group - Group BAUER Aktiengesellschaft

    The BAUER Group is an international construction and machinery manufacturing concern. SDAX company BAUER Aktiengesellschaft is the parent of more than 100 subsidiary businesses in the fields of construction, equipment and resources. Bauer is a leader in the execution of complex excavation pits, foundations and vertical seals, as well as in the development and manufacture of related machinery for this dynamic market. The Group also deploys its expertise in the exploration, mining and safeguarding of valuable natural resources.

    Is the parent company within the BAUER Group, and carries out construction
    projects all over the world. The company is an expert service provider in all areas of specialist foundation construction and for over fifty years the company has been a major player in driving forward developments
    in foundation engineering.

    BAUER is the name behind many innovations in the field of foundation
    engineering. Since 1974, we are on the international market, providing our clients with reliable solutions and executions to their most complex construction challenges.

    Today, we are recognized as a leader in the foundation industry, for our know how in traditional construction
    methods and for our creative and safe approach for complex and difficult job sites. Our experience spans over many thousands of projects around the world, from smaller to multi million Euros projects, covering the specizl foundation engineering spectrum of methods.
  • Matta et Associés SAL - Main Contractor

    “Matta et Associés s.a.l” is a Lebanese contracting company working in the field of building construction and public works. It occupies a leading position in the Lebanese construction sector since a long period of time.

    In addition to the execution of prestigious projects, the satisfaction of its clients remains the corner stone of “Matta et Associés s.a.l.” business philosophy.

    Years of continuous success are the evidence of the pursuit of this philosophy. A success that is attributable to our qualities as perceived by everybody we work with: professionalism at work, technical skills, qualified personnel, total quality control, respect of commitments and professional integrity. The verbal and written recommendations of our clients prove it all.

  • Mitsulift and Equipment SAL - Conveying System

    In 1984, brothers Samir and Nabil Abillama founded Mitsulift and Equipment S.A.L. as a strategic differentiation from their core industrial family heritage. The company specialized in selling, installing and servicing elevators, escalators and other building moving systems.

    In 1992, at the end of the civil war in Lebanon, Mitsulift refocused on the reconstruction effort of rebuilding the capital Beirut, and became in 1996 the market leader in the Lebanese territory.
    In 2000, thanks to its startling success, Mitsulift Group developed into a joint-venture with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in Japan and expanded into a leading regional company with operations in the following countries: Mitsulift and Equipment Syria with the Attar family (2000), Mitsulift Hellas in Greece (2000), Cylift and Equipment in Cyprus (1999) with Epiphaniou Group, Mitsulift Industries in Jordan with the Said family (2008) and Mitsulift Nigeria with the Chaghoury family (2010).

    "Great things in business happen because of great people, and we certainly have an incredibly talented team of which I am very proud," says Karim Abillama, Group Managing Director.
    Mitsulift has invested its know-how and expertise over the years to become a leader in its field. The company's innovative products have made it a solution provider for building moving systems, with state-of-the-art equipments such as Building Maintenance Units from European leader Atech and Entrance Revolving Doors from world leader Royal Boon Edam.

    Mitsulift Group's commitment to Elevating Standards of service excellence extends beyond the engineering and installation of the building moving systems. It is a long-term moving experience which continues well after the building moving systems are delivered.


    I-MEP is a multi-disciplined company offering expert consulting engineering and electro-mechanical services and contracting.

    We deliver services on a timely basis with consistently high value & attention to clients needs. A strong project management concept is followed from start to finish on every project. The driving force behind our success is the consistent teamwork of our employees. We have attracted a highly skilled staff of engineers, technicians, and scientists among others. The personnel have background experience in electrical, civil and mechanical engineering. We have an effective and flexible management style, with short, efficient lines of authority, responsibility and communication.

    This style of management ensures extensive hands-on experience and attention to every aspect of the client’s needs. This builds client satisfaction in accordance with our company philosophy. We maintain a high ethical standard and operate with integrity and professionalism towards our clients, our staff, our colleagues and our suppliers. We take a lot of pride in our work and we put integrity and reputation of the firm behind each project we undertake.


    A-Build Contracting and Trading Co. was founded in Lebanon , in 1993, responding to a growing concern for construction, protection and environmental problems. Moreover, our products are carefully chosen to serve today’s increasing demand for advanced engineering materials.

    However, A-Build can confidently assure you of its premium quality services, in supply and installation of Waterproofing and Dam-proofing, Concrete Repair and Protection, Light Weight Foam Concrete and Environmental Engineering (Ponds & Landfill Lining). As well as it relies on a highly qualified, specialized and motivated team of Engineers, Supervisors and Applicators
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